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“…le ziz, where taste meets its climax…”

le ziz is an anagram of the word leziz, which translates as the pinnacle of taste. le ziz features a rich mix of traditional Anatolian and Mezopotamian dishes cooked and prepared with modern techniques. Every inch of detail has hours of tireless effort, preparation and thought.

Whilst the food dates back to hundreds of years we blend this rich historical nature of the food with modern comfort. Modern lighting was mixed with a touch British Chesterfield design and complemented with iconic iznik ceramics featuring old ottoman designs dating back centuries. Traditional Anatolian and mezopotanian cooking would be incomplete without a stone oven. At le ziz, the bread and all pastry based dishes are prepared and cooked in the stone oven using the heat of live fire… just the way it should be.



Middle neck lamb chunk, chicken cubes, with kofte cooked on coal with yogurt on a layer of bread pieces and topped with our very own tomato and butter sauce. Served with rice.


Greek Burger

Grilled halloumi cheese on top of a lay of homemade humus with grilled peppers sun dried tomatoes and rocket


Red Lentil